Sausage Party

I love films that push the boundaries and think outside the box, it really helps art to grow.  So, even though I’m not a fan of Seth Rogan-style humour there’s no way I wasn’t checking this one out.  Animation is my jam man…  I had to be a part of this.

As was expected, the R rating made it so that everything you can’t normally do in a kid’s movie was amped up to 11.  This made for both some really funny and really cringe worthy moments.  The story while mirroring the typical hero’s quest, it did so in its own way, surprising me at a few points.  I am still laughing at the references to bath salts and I’m sure there’s going to be jokes about food screaming in agony in my social circle for years to come.  I was pretty impressed with how such a raunchy movie could handle some pretty important societal themes in such a delicate way.  Some of the characters had real depth to them and faced some pretty relatable internal struggles.

The animation was just incredible.  They were able to capture so much emotion from objects that are realistically not that expressive. I was pretty impressed with that.  I really liked the art style too, I think they did a good job of mimicking the CG style of kid’s features while being just a bit off.  That really complimented the entire concept of it all.  It felt a little on the short side, but anything more really would have been just drawing things out.

This review is similar that way,  I feel like it’s a little short but anything more would just be word padding.  So my final thought?  If you’re into this style of comedy you’ll definitely have a good time.  I feel that this film is significant enough that it should be checked out by anyone who enjoys seeing creators push the boundaries of cinema.



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