Hey Jude, The Beatles – My Favourite Songs

I have this rule about sad songs.  Instead of skipping over them, I allow myself to feel whatever emotion gets dragged up for the entirety of the song and then I put the feeling away again.  I really think that philosophy comes from how much I love this song.  It is one that has been with me my entire life.  Whenever I feel completely overwhelmed with life I’ll grab the big noise canceling headphones and put this song on.  I sing along, mope about, cry whatever I need to do to let the emotion out.  When the song is done, I wipe away the tears and move on with my life.  This philosophy has spread over time to include songs that remind me of specific things.  I owe so much of my emotional health to this practice.  So, thanks to the Beatles for writing this tune all that time ago.  It’s made such a difference in my life.

Read this post before?  Some of my music posts are being migrated from my wellness blog.  Check that out if you’d like to read more of my work.


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