Best Spot in the Lot, Nice Peter – My Favourite Songs

This tune is one of my top bad mood killers.  In this song Nice Peter celebrates the little things in life, making them feel truly epic.  The passion in his singing combined with upbeat instrumentals makes the whole thing fun and silly.  I swear I added it to my favourites list the moment I heard it.  I find myself humming parts of this one when awesome stuff happens, especially finding random money.  As a person who is striving to find the beauty in every day, I feel like Nice Peter serves up a great reminder of where to look for those things.  Plus, finding a great parking spot is something that’s always made me super excited.  Maybe I’m just a dork.

Nice Peter – Best Spot in the Lot

Read this post before?  Some of my music posts are being migrated from my wellness blog.  Check that out if you’d like to read more of my work.


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